Taiwan Health Club Provides Premarket Services 2019/07/10展覽與活動


Booth No.: N906


Taiwan can be the bridge between the Western world and the Great Chinese world. For the great health related industries, including functional foods, cosmetics, personal cares, medical devices, and medicines, as well as the agricultural biotechnologicals, there were two key issues that come first before the commercialization/market launch. The first is the intellectual properties portfolio and the second is the regulation compliance. 

Taiwan Health Club (THC) can help you to get yourself ready at the premarket stage on the IP portfolio layout and regulation compliance with both TFDA and CFDA on foods related, cosmetics related, medical related products with SCG professional consultancy inside. We also can help you on the commercialization program and marketing strategy. 

Mainland China is an attractive market while localization there is novel to all companies even under the emerging trade-war between G2. We can be an independent 3rd party to program for the company who wants to step into this attractive market, especially the company can consider Taiwan as the cultural impact adaptor. 

SCG does have partners in USA, EU, India, Mainland China, ASEAN, in case you need to have IP trade or regulation compliance services. 

Come to visit us at booth N906 with your questions. 

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