SCG Vision

Play as the key contributor to help client to achieve their targets with efficiency and accuracy.

The QA policy of SCG :

1.To follow the idea of client-driven
2.To improve the efficiency of operation procedures
3.To assure the accuracy of service to the clients
4.To elevate the satisfaction of clients

Our Team

Niann-Jou Newton Yau

Chief Consultant

  • 1987-1991  Ph.D, Food Science & Technology, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
  • 1985-1987  M.S., Food Science & Technology, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
  • 1979-1983  B.S., Food Science & Nutrition, Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan


Chief Consultant,SCG, Taiwan
  • -Services of Sensory, Consumer, Marketing, IP Management, Technology Trade, TFDA/CFDA Regulation Compliance, Education and Training for Foods, Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Agricultural and Biotech Industries, 2001-present.
  • Consultant in Sensory, Marketing, Regulation Compliance, Technology Trade for local and international companies, institutes, governmental agencies.

20 professional consultants

  • -all with plenty practical experience.
  • -expertise in Sensory Science、Food Science、Market Research/Industry Survey、Technology Trade/IP Management、Regulation Compliance of Foods, Functional foods, Cosmetics, and Medical devices.

Sensory Analysis Lab

Follow the ISO 17025 requirements and comply with the ILAC/TAF requirements.
  • *Sensory analysis on different tests
  • *Sensory analysis on descriptive tests
  • *Sensory analysis on sensory marketing claims
  • *Sensory analysis on shelf life determination
  • *Sensory analysis on threshold determination
  • *Sensory analysis on consumer tests (FGD/CLT/HUT)


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